Paul Fisher and Midori Ziloni

I’m PAUL FISHER, I created this site.

This is Midori Ziloni. We’re as bonded as two souls can get.

Irina and Nikki

This is Irina and her soulmate Nikki.

Irina is Paul Fisher’s wife.

Stanley and Rolando Barrero

This my pal and gallery owning colleague Rolando. Strangely enough, I met Stanley years before I met Rolando. Stanley was being boarded by our avian veterinarian, Dr Gwen Flinchum. I saw him behind the desk and I said hello.  He said to me in a perfect human voice: “Would you like a cup of coffee?”  I was a tiny bit stunned and often spoke about that moment. Ten years later Rolando inherited Stanley and we reunited also.

Rolando Chang Barrero

Biggy Pop and Iggy

I don’t know them, but I like them.

Miami residents Biggy Pop and his human Iggy.